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Everything you need to know during the pandemic

Booking procedure

In this period of uncertainties caused by the unpredictability of the contagion, which does not allow the Authorities to issue directives except in a very short time, for the correctness that distinguishes us and the respect we owe both to our customer friends and also to our work, we have chosen to avoid publishing the calendar of days and times in which flights will be possible.

We left a single window open on 31.8.2021 from 09.00 to 12.00.

In this way we intended to give the possibility to those who wish it, for themselves or perhaps to make a gift, to make their own reservation in any case; it will be displayed and recorded by us at the time of transmission.

We invite you to print the voucher regularly at the end of the booking and keep it kept. You can choose the date and time at which you want to make the flight at a later time. It will be enough that a week in advance send us a communication to the address We will reserve a place on the date and time indicated.

It will be important, at the time of booking, to send us all the news that the form itself provides. We will need them to better carry out our work, for a telephone contact or an e-mail communication, in order to be sure to satisfy everyone according to their wishes.

Only for 2021 - Exceptional validity of the reservation

What if times get longer? No problem on our part. Since our structure, for technical and organizational reasons, needs a few days to be put into operation or closed, also in consideration of the fact that our users often come from distant regions or even from other countries, we have established that we will publish the dates opening only when we are sure we are not forced into sudden closures or limitations.

For these reasons, we offer the possibility to choose the desired date and to be able to postpone it once again during the current year according to our flight calendar. Finally, in the event that it is not possible to make your flight in the 2021 season, we reserve the validity of the booking for the 2022 season for our customer friends, according to our flight calendar. After we have published the calendar of operating days, if the dates do not coincide with the possibility of making the flight, without delay, on simple request, we will refund the amount paid.

We consider everyone, even before customers, our friends, and we want everyone to feel at ease, sure not to see their every desire nullified.

So book with confidence. We are all confident that this summer is the beginning of the return to normal.

We hope many of you will come. Everyone have a good summer and have fun with the Furore-Conca Zipline.

All you need to know who flies with us ...

Validity of the reservation. Normal conditions

The flight must be carried out during the flight season of the year in which it occurs and according to the calendar ( date and time) estabilisched. It is not possible to extend the validity of the reservation to the following calendar year.

Check in

The check in must be carried out within 30 min. before the scheduled flight time.

Weight limits

To fly you must meet the following weight limits:

  •     Single flight: minimum 35 kg, max 120 kg
  •     Tandem flight: minimum 70 kg, maximum 120 kg (sum of the two weights)



No protective clothing is required. However, we recommend comfortable clothing and appropriate to the sport season. The swimsuit is not recommended.



Closed and comfortable shoes are recommended. Slippers, flip-flops and shoes uninsured to toe in a stable manner are prohibited.

It is possible (but not recommended) to fly barefoot.


Sunglasses and eyeglasses

You can safely wear your glasses (we recommend a pair of sunglasses), provided safely attached.

Ask our staff to check for you.

And mandatory for those who wear contact lenses the use of glasses.


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