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Mode of booking
It will be important, when booking, send us all the information that the form itself provides. We will need them to better carry out our work, for telephone contact or communication via e-mail, in order to be sure of satisfying everyone according to one's wishes.


Everything anyone who flies with us needs to know...


Validity of the reservation
The reservation remains valid for the whole year, according to our flight calendar. It can be deferred, only once, by forwarding a communication seven days before the fixed date. Is not serious; possible to extend the validity of the reservation to the following calendar year.

Check in
Check-in must be be carried out without fail within and no later than 30 min. before the scheduled flight time.

Weight limits
To fly you must respect the following weight limits:

  •    Single flight: minimum 40 kg, maximum 120kg
  •    Twin flight: minimum 70 kg, maximum 120 kg (sum of the two weights)

No technical clothing is required. necessary. However, we recommend comfortable and sporty clothing suitable for the season. The bathing suit is; not recommended.

Closed and comfortable shoes are recommended. Slippers, flip-flops and shoes that are not secured to the feet in a stable manner are prohibited.

It's It is possible (but not recommended) to fly barefoot.

Sunglasses and eyeglasses
You can safely wear your glasses (we recommend a pair of sunglasses)  securely insured.

Ask our staff to check for you.

It's the use of glasses is mandatory for those who wear contact lenses.


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