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An unforgettable experience, the kind you carry inside for a lifetime.

And if you choose to film the event will be able to show it to family and friends. You can relive every time the emotions and remember the happy moments spent on the Amalfi Coast in flight with the zipline.


Single flight: € 40.00 *

Parallel flight € 50.00 for each component

Pair flight: (the total weight of the pair must be less than 120 kg) € 72.00 *

Family flight: (at least 3 people: parent / s with a child / s).

       For each component: € 36.00 *

Family flight as a couple (at least 4 people: parent / s with a child / s - the total weight of each couple must be less than 120 kg).

       For each couple: € 65.00 *

Single flight under 18: € 36.00 *

Single over 65 flight: € 36.00 *

Groups of at least 8 people: each € 36,00 *

Flight in pairs under 18, over 65: (the total weight of the couple must be less than 120 kg) € 65.00 *

Flight in pairs groups of at least 5 couples: (the total weight of each pair must be less than 120 kg). each € 60.00*


Want to give it suffered a second flight?
If we have availability you can purchase an additional ticket for a flight to do during the day at the special price of € 30.00 for a single and € 60.00 for a tandem flight.
The offer is valid for the same person. You'll have to show your ticket for the first flight.

The offer refers to the flight strip at the lowest price of the day.


Want to continue its flight to remember and show it to relatives and friends?
Book together on the fly even the movie. It will be provided on the headband a room that will resume all that you will see during the flight. Every time I see him again will be for you a new flight, you discover details that maybe you had not paid attention. Joyfully relive all the happy moments spent.


Do you want to remind your friends and family with a small gadget?
Book from now on a hat to his grandson, a bag for the child, a t-shirt for both. You will find when you arrive the desired gadgets. It will be like bringing with you also your loved ones.


How about a souvenir photo?
The check-in station will be proposed to choose a photo. You will be taken from a our room and, if you want, you will receive instructions to download it from our website. You can not only print, but also send it by e-mail to friends, family and even colleagues remained at work


Opening time
Weekdays from 10.00 to 19.00
Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 to 19.00


Night flights are planned in the moonlight that will be made available on a few days in advance.







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