Cos'è la Zipline
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What is Zipline

The experience of Zipline Italy

Zipline is an new and suitable for everyone from the smallest to the greatest, is not required any physical effort, all you have to do is enjoy the flight and enjoy the scenery of the Amalfi Coast.

Thanks to a special harness, you will be secured to a carriage that slides freely along a steel cable through the throat of the fiord of Furore, giving you moments of pure emotion and breathtaking views. Upon arrival a special braking system will slow down naturally and fully automatically.



Would you rather fly in the company of your family or your friends?

Zipline Italia offers flying in pairs to make you fly in the company of another person, everyone can share the exciting experience of flying, making it even more unique.

For friends buys the flight group at a discounted price (offer valid for groups over 6 people).


How to fly?

Buy your ticket in one of the following ways:

  • Click here to buy online vouchers
  • Buy directly on site the day of the flight
  • Buy the voucher at one of our acreditate travel agencies (to know which agency and closer to you, click here)


How does the flight

Check in

It will be assigned a number that identifies the order of priority of fliers and wait your turn watching others leave or at our bar for a breakfast or an aperitif.
At check-in you can also choose to make the video of your flying experience, with one of our special full HD video rooms


Briefing and donning

Our staff will provide you with all the necessary equipment for the flight (harness and helmet) and will teach you to wear it, checking that everything is in the correct position.

Protective goggles are available for use during the flight (particularly recommended in the case of contact lenses).
You can use your sunglasses or eyeglasses if they are tight to your head. In case of light rain it will also be provided with a waterproof tarp.


The flight

One last check from the staff and you're already in flight.

Flying from Furore to Conca dei Marini! A unique, exhilarating experience that will allow you to enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramas in the world. You will better understand why this stretch of coast is called "la Divina".

Upon arrival, you will slow your ride down gently, until you come to a stop. An operator of our staff will welcome you and unhook the flight equipment. You will be able to look out over the gulf and continue to admire the splendor of the coast.

What if the desire to fly again assails you? Click here and find out how.




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