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Il Sentiero degli Dei


From Agerola to Nocelle: walking on paradise


The Path of the Gods links Agerola, a small town on the Amalfi coast, in Nocelle, fraction of Positano perched on the slopes of Mount Pertuso.

Just the name to imagine the spectacle of the path: follow it in the direction that goes from Agerola to Nocelle so walking slightly downhill and get the front view of the Amalfi Coast and Capri.


Before You get in the way:

Starting point: Agerola or Praiano.

Arrival Location: Nocelle, a fraction of Positano.

Journey time: about 3 hours.

Km: 7.8 km.

Degree of difficulty: light. The trail is not recommended for those suffering from vertigo.


Where to take the Path of the Gods

The Path of the Gods starts from Bomerano, fraction of Agerola.
To get to Agerola there are buses that leave from the SITA Amalfi, ask the driver to point you in the Bomerano stop.
From there follow the road signs that will take you at the entrance of the path.


The Path of the Gods can also be reached from Praiano but it is a long flight of steps necessary to address to move from sea level to 580 meters to the pass of Colle Serra.


Walking the Path of the Gods

The route is marked by signs in red and white with the inscription 02.

From Colle Serra along a first downhill until you reach a fountain on the left is the trail that goes from Praiano, while on the right, continue for the Path of the Gods.
Below you will notice the Convent of San Domenico, which instead is on the road when you go up from Praiano.

From this point the landscape changes: a vegetation consisting of a few shrubs and grass, where they often encounter sheep and goats grazing, you switch to the Mediterranean scrub of oaks, arbutus, heather and rosemary.

The path at this point becomes more tortuous, through ascents, descents and dizzying vistas you pass the Walloon Grarelle up to the village of Nocelle, fraction of Positano.


Anciently Nocelle was accessible only on foot via a steep staircase rising from Positano.
Today you can choose to get off the bus or walk to the 1,500 steps that will take you as far as Arienzo.

If it is summer it is worth to face another 300 steps down on Arienzo beach and take a refreshing bath.
From Arienzo, following the SS 163 for about 1 km you will be at the center of Positano.


Our advice
Agerola is famous for its
fiordilatte, a particular type of fresh mozzarella.
Before you take the path to stop at a deli in the country to buy focaccia and fior di latte: you can stop along the way for a small
pic-nic worthy of the gods!



Why take on foot or by bike in the majesty of Mount Tre Pizzi or the eyes to the Isle of Capri or in the reflected light in the blue of the sea and of Positano is to live the Path of the Gods.


Length: 8 Km

Journey time: 2 h

Start point:

 Location “Scialli”, via Radicosa

 San Lazzaro 750 s.l.m.

 Location "Li Galli", via Cavallo

 Pianillo 890 s.l.m.

 Vertical drop: from San Lazzaro + 500 /-400 (as Pianillo trip)

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