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......... we are always looking for new things and original proposals to offer our guests and we have thought of a streamlined, fast proposal, to be offered above all to young people who in this period arrive on the Coast, eager to put aside, at least for a day, the memory of these terrible months that we have all gone through.

Maybe they have little time and little money. They prefer, in a single day, to come for a flight and then go to the beach for a swim, continue for a jump to Positano or Amalfi before returning home and they really don't have time to stop at the restaurant.

So we came up with ... .. 'a marenna in flight by flight.

We took a piece of homemade bread, dug out the crumb and stuffed it with:

- Aubergine parmesan with cacioricotta flakes

-Totani with monkfish,

- Meatballs with Erminia's pippiato sauce,

-Scarola sautéed with olives, pine nuts and a pass

-Tomato, pecorino and basil,

- Zucchini alla scapece.

All starting from just € 12.00.

A very simple idea, and it is already a great success.

Call 089 2027209 to book your marenna. You can choose the filling you want most. Then you will go to the Zipline in Furore to collect it and, perhaps, you can take a flight to make your adventure on the Coast very special.

We are waiting for you




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