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Zip Line Furore - Conca

The Zipline system  between Furore and Conca dei Marini until 30.08.2020 is in operation every day, except Mondays, from 9:00 to 13:00

On the website it will be possible to consult the days and opening hours of the month of Septembe 2020

Users will only be able to access if in compliance with the regulations issued by the competent Authorities.

It is possible to make reservations directly on the site, or by calling the nr. 089 2027209 - 089 226068.

A steel cable, suspended between two points, to make you experience a unique emotion: in flight, looking down, immersed in the wonders of the places.

The Zip-Line is a newly conceived attractor, which allows an innovative use of the environmental heritage and which, responding to a new need and a new way of understanding leisure and entertainment, increasingly grants to seize new experiences and new ones. emotions.

An adventure in contact with nature through unique landscapes, in search and discovery of the true soul of the area.

Secured with a special harness and hooked to a steel cable, the visitor will be able to experience the thrill of flying by letting himself slip into a fantastic adventure, unique in the world for the beauty of the landscape and for the maximum height of overflight.




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