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Zip Line Furore - Conca

     Christmas, a time of Greetings and Gifts.


                  We want to make you our customers a very special gift, giving you a 20% discount on our normal prices.

To use it, send an email to, or call us on 089 226068

Just tell us the day you want to make your flight. 

Just remember that our gift will end on January 6th.

So hurry up


                                    from all of us of the Staff of Zipline Italia a cordial wish for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Dear Users,

It will be possible to access our facility only if equipped with a mask and in compliance with the regulations issued by the competent Authorities.


We have suspended a steel cable, between Furore and Conca dei Marini, to make you experience a unique emotion: in flight, looking down, immersed in the wonders of the places.

The Zip-Line is a new concept attractor, which allows an innovative use of the environmental heritage and which, responding to a new need and a new way of understanding free time and leisure, allows more and more to grasp new experiences and new emotions.

An adventure in contact with nature through unique landscapes, in search of and discovering the true soul of the territory.

Secured with a special harness and hooked to a steel cable, the visitor can experience the thrill of flying by letting himself slip into a fantastic adventure, unique in the world for the beauty of the landscape and the maximum height of overflight.



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